Good prospects for the development of stainless steel products

Stainless steel products market has good prospects for the development of compelling, the following features:

First, the structure compact. Not only more and more new styles and unique structure, increased the use of function, square, round stainless steel tube, wall dissection, opening slot milling, carried inlay, inlay, fight, installed glass sculpture, stained glass and lamps and other objects , surrounded by silicon paste solid sealing, become windows, doors and glass partitions distinctive structure, the visual effect is good, feel comfortable, giving a kind of beauty to enjoy.

Second, advanced technology. The use of advanced cutting, stamping, bending, folding, forming and engaging argon arc welding, plasma cutting, made directly after the processing of various geometric shapes of products, smooth surface, not because of the quality of ills caused by punch riveting, clear surface profile beautiful shape.

Third, the function increased. Since the surface of stainless steel products using vacuum coating ray and etching processes, ion plating titanium metal in the metal surface, imitation gold, five color, etching colorful, sparkling decorative metal plate, you can choose according to different uses arbitrary.

Fourth, a reasonable price. Original aluminum, stainless steel between the two parity is 1 to 4, and gradually to 1 to 2, has now reached approximately 1 to 1, stainless steel is slightly higher than the price of a number of aluminum per ton of about 35000-40000 yuan, due composite material tends to thin, a little thinner in thickness, reduce costs, the use of performance than that of pure stainless steel is also excellent (good thermal conductivity).

Five elegant decorations. Stainless steel cabinet, counters, surface decoration and art forms have been combined with the color of beauty, bright titanium mosaic and multi-color, yellow, dark green, orange, brown and purple, black and other dark transparent trim, and strive with modern interiors and contemporary furnishings match, blend, easy selection and matching furniture consumers, there can be divided in style can fit modular cabinets, tables, chairs, beds, etc., to provide people with more convenient