Domestic stainless steel kitchenware industry market analysis

First, the breakdown products of stainless steel kitchenware market analysis

1. Analysis of market size stainless steel pot

Stainless steel cookware stainless steel kitchenware products are the main products, according to the China National Hardware Association statistics, stainless steel cookware stainless steel kitchenware products accounted for nearly 70 percent of the total. In 2010 reached 4.31 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 20.42%, is expected by 2015 will reach 10.914 billion yuan.

2. Stainless steel cutlery market analysis

Stainless steel cutlery is stainless steel tableware and kitchenware one of the main products billion in 2010 to reach 1.834 billion yuan in 2012 to reach 26.74, the annual compound growth rate of 20.74%, is expected by 2015 will reach 4.706 billion yuan.

3. stainless steel tableware and kitchen products miscellaneous pieces of Scale

Miscellaneous pieces of stainless steel tableware and kitchen products, in 2010 the domestic market size of 1.84 billion yuan in 2012 to reach 2.706 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 21.26%, is expected by 2015 will reach 4.824 billion yuan.

Second, the domestic industry development trend analysis

With the economic development and population changes in consumer attitudes, consumers will be more concerned about brand stainless steel kitchenware and function. In the case of continuous application of high-tech products gradually to the intelligent, personalized and functional diversification trend, style, appearance faster updates, product type is becoming richer. The entire industry investment forecasts show the following characteristics:

1. automation, scale has become an important means of competition of domestic enterprises

Domestic stainless steel kitchenware companies are gradually moving towards automation, large-scale process. Traditional workshops, extensive mode of production produces not only inefficient, low grade quality of their products, no longer meet the requirements of the development of modern industry. Domestic enterprises to expand production scale, the introduction of advanced production equipment, improve existing production processes, not only can effectively improve production efficiency, protect the safety of personnel, reduce labor costs, but also to meet the stringent requirements of customers in foreign markets, which for China's stainless steel meal kitchenware manufacturing industry to achieve industrial upgrading of great significance.

2. brand concentration gradually increased, significant increase in the high-end market size

The domestic market brand concentration is not high, brought a good development space for the issuer. Competition between products will gradually become competitive, high brand awareness and reputation of the brand will stand out among the competition, rather than have the brand enterprises will gradually be eliminated, the market brand concentration will be increased gradually.

Brand is a concentrated expression of the quality of products, quality, features, one important factor when consumers have become more and more decisions. With the gradual increase consumer awareness of the brand, the high-end market will become increasingly expanded.

3. kitchenware industry from the simple to the kitchen as a whole in the field of product development

Stainless steel kitchenware industry's future development ideas will be increasing emphasis on the integrity of kitchen equipment. Domestic companies first need to complete the overall image of the shape, and then build its product differentiation system from all market segments. Kitchenware industry should simply end product development to the overall image of the field of kitchen design, by effectively with pots and pans, kitchen utensils and other products, to achieve overall harmony kitchen, beautiful. For production enterprises, product differentiation, diversification category has become an effective way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.