How to wash and clean all kinds of pots and pans?

Our kitchen has a variety of materials pot, stainless steel pot, pan, aluminum pan, or casserole. Want to remove stains on the pot but have various coup Oh!

stainless steel pot

The large pot of water plus about half pot, and put some of the pineapple skin, then one by one into the pot to the trumpet, heated to boiling on the stove for some time, until after cooling out, you can find these bright as pot new. But beware, if the stainless steel cutlery with wooden handle or plastic handle, and should not be placed in boiling water steaming, hot, avoid wooden handle or plastic handle damaged by heat expansion.


If you find the dirt left on a pressure cooker, you can run out of toothpaste tubes along the side of the cut, with a hammer flat, and retains the remaining above toothpaste, then wetting the toothpaste directly wipe the surface of the pot, and finally with water to toothpaste and rinse the dirt together before it. A little vinegar can also be applied to the stain, so after a period of time, and then cleaned with water.

Aluminum Cookware

Very easy to form the surface of the aluminum pan of black dirt, then we can use to buy fruit and vegetables to be cleared. For example, the most common tomato, put a few tomatoes on the aluminum pan and cook for a while, and then cooked tomato soup to wash the black dirt on the aluminum pan, as long as repeated several times, aluminum pots will naturally restore the original luster . In addition to tomatoes, lemons, cucumbers and other fruits can also play this role.


Wok use a long time, it is relatively easy to produce musty, with leftover tea bag can be used in addition to mildew. First, on a stove heated drying pan, then inside and outside in the wok are evenly coated with some of the salad, put in the pan and then after a few dried tea bag, so it can prevent and remove mold phenomenon . Alternatively, you can put in the water and then wok Riga some fresh chives, and gradually heated, while the leeks with a shovel vegetables in the wok brushing pressure pot, remove rust shortly.


Some can be poured in the pan and soaked rice soup pan, then put the pot brush brushing dirt, and finally rinse with water can be. If contaminated casserole with oil, you can drink the leftover tea leaves on the surface of the casserole wipe a few times more, will be able to wash away the grease; it happens in case no fresh tea leaves, dried tea leaves can be used to add some water to soak a while, it is possible to wipe grease.

After the burnt bottom of the pot, a lot of people do not clean up, or clean up is not clean, re-use of residual burnt substance will have the risk of cancer, today small teach you a coup!

First, holding charred pot.

Then, pour about half a bowl of white vinegar (you can also use tea). Add boiling water about thirty-four minutes

Pour white vinegar, add boiling water. Stand for five minutes after boiling, do not worry, you can also put longer.

Stand for five minutes, the magic happened, in part out of the whole slice of coke from the pan easily fall off.

Coke pulled out of the place can be a whole slice.

This is out of focus part, it has all come off. Oh really like seaweed. Dampen with water, then brush a little bit on the clean up yo!