On kitchen pots and pans university asked

Pot of different materials available in the market is people to see dazzling, dizzying, no choice. In fact, the various advantages and disadvantages of the pot, to be selected according to the ingredients and uses.

1. The wok is the most secure pot

Wok generally do not contain other chemicals, it does not oxidize. In cooking, the cooking process, there will be no extractables wok, there is no shedding problem, even if there is iron substance dissolution, absorption is also good for the body.

Buy a new wok with brine bubbles, then we go with the salad oil wipe. Wok rust easily, not serving food overnight. At the same time, try not to use a wok soup, so it does not rust wok surface protective layer of cooking oil disappeared. If there is a slight rust, vinegar can be used for cleaning.

2. The non-stick frying temperature should not be

In fact, non-stick coating is a thin film thickness of about 0.2 mm, dry or if the oil temperature reaches 300 degrees Celsius, this layer of film could be undermined. In general, when cooking, temperature does not reach 260 ℃, but if you cook fried foods, the temperature may exceed 260 ℃.

So you can not use non-stick frying food. In addition, with non-stick cooking, not with a shovel child, prevent the destruction of the coating.

3. ceramic pot, casserole should dress acidic foods

Porcelain pot in the past been recognized as non-toxic tableware, but some low-grade porcelain glaze color tableware containing lead. Long-term use of lead, cadmium exceeded the amount of the product will cause heavy metal poisoning, serious impact on health.

Enamel casserole contains a small amount of lead (especially the glaze color casserole can not be used), so, buy a new casserole is best to use a 4% vinegar soaked in boiling water. Casserole wall with color, should not be stored wine, vinegar and acidic beverages and foods. When you purchase enamel tableware, the surface smooth, enamel uniform, bright color.

4. The stainless steel pot for too long Sheng salt

Beautiful and durable containers made of stainless steel, stainless steel pot but failed chromium may be exceeded. Hexavalent chromium is listed as one of the chemicals hazardous to your health, and is internationally recognized as one of the carcinogenic metal.

Stainless steel is not will not rust, prolonged contact with acid, alkali substances, also from a chemical reaction. Therefore, stainless steel food containers should not be long bloom salt, soy sauce, soup and so on. Mainly used to torment medicine.

5. Try not to use aluminum utensils

Characteristics aluminum pan is an excellent heat distribution and less pot. However, improper use of aluminum will be a substantial dissolution, aluminum long-term food too much, will accelerate human aging. Not suitable for high temperature aluminum pan fry, hot metal spatula or a collision with an aluminum pan when cooking, friction are likely to make an aluminum component released. In addition, the aluminum pan can not be loaded acid and alkali dishes such as pickled foods.