How to make non-stick stainless steel pot remain bright?

Many people after using a stainless steel pot will have such a reaction, claiming that the non-stick pan with it but not the spirit, in addition to buy inferior products, but also probably because there is no master the use of stainless steel pot of the scientific method. How to make stainless steel pot keeps bright nonstick? Xiao Bian gave you about the correct way to use stainless steel, do not then at home when the big stainless steel pot wok fried!

Myth one: the feeling is not high temperature stainless steel pot, slow cooking, so with fry.

In fact, the characteristics of stainless steel pot bottom of the pot is very thick, very flat, with the traditional fire heated wok rely on different food, stainless steel pot to achieve the whole pot is heated by heat transfer pot. So do not let the fire when using a stainless steel pot pot wall, just use small fire heat.

Myth: When using a stainless steel wok like to use the same fire to fry, so feel better conserve resources.

In fact, this is why most of the non-stick will stick pan, without taking into account the special materials and design principles of stainless steel. When using a stainless steel pot temperature high enough to make the dish, so that the surface of mature enough ingredients for stainless steel pot cooking temperature is 160 ~ 180 ℃, the following describes a simple method to grasp the proper cooking temperature.

First of all, when heated, hand or small spoon dipped some water in a stainless steel pot, if the water droplets scattered into small and large drops, it means the pot surface temperature is low, we need to heat a little while;

If the horizontal spread in the pot surface, unable to form droplets, and bubbling, sizzling sound and rapid evaporation, it shows the temperature of a lot worse, but for a long time to be heated;

If dripping water like Figure D quickly form many small drops of water, it shows that the temperature is too high, we need to let the pan cool slightly plus surface water testing.

Iff water after the formation of C diagram, as the water in the pot surface immediately formed a large drop, non-dispersible, does not evaporate, rolling everywhere, is suitable for cooking temperature, the temperature is too high or too low will cause sticking.